The VFsecure® brand ensures consistent quality, high availability
and functional enhancements resulting from technological innovations.

Business Solutions

VECTURAFAST develops business solutions based on security seals, which provide an immediate improvement by saving time and resources for many challenges faced by all sorts of businesses. Security seals always represent business processes and these can be optimised. By simply combining products, cost-effective solutions are created that noticeably simplify daily challenges.

Science – no fiction

VECTURAFAST develops products and services that make common security seals better and more efficient. We are committed to developing solutions that simplify the handling of security seals, automatically assign data to processes and enable immediate, secure and error-free integration into existing processes (e.g. ERP, Excel, etc). With our cloud-based SaaS platform VFtransform and the associated smartphone app Seal Capture, many business processes can be easily expanded and digitised by the user without the need of any programming.

Warehouse stock & Analysis

VECTURAFAST always carries all the variants we offer (e.g. colours, lengths, etc.) of the VFsecure® products and we also keep a minimum quantity of rarely requested seals in stock. Our customers can start with sealing immediately, while larger quantities are produced in parallel at short notice if necessary. In order to meet the particularly high demands of our customers, we offer just-in-time and contract stocking in addition to normal warehousing. In this way, our warehouse becomes the direct integrated extension for all our customers.

Trends & Technologies

VECTURAFAST is constantly looking for new products and production processes. In order to be able to meet a wide range of customer needs, this requires a broad range of products. The VFsecure® products in each category are always thoughtfully selected and meet all requirements in terms of quality and availability. Technical enhancements are introduced, planned and implemented by our product management. This includes the improvement of existing products, the development of new products as well as the integration of extended product features.

Production & Quality

VECTURAFAST is in permanent contact with national and international production facilities worldwide and can therefore respond to any changes at an early stage. We are always kept informed about the delivery conditions of raw materials and components, as well as the capacity utilisation of the production machines. All VFsecure® products entering our warehouses are regularly inspected to ensure consistency of quality. Further assurance of consistent quality also comes from increased stock levels for selected products from the same production line.

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